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What is competitor pricing?

Competitor pricing, is a pricing strategy, before you set a price on products you will first observe your competition. The Competitor price app does everything for you saving you time and money.

Will competitor pricing effect my profit margin?

Yes, your profit might be less when your prices change, but you will never loose, your selling price will never be less than your cost price. Also with the rules you add, the prices changes will only work according to the set of rules you entered for example if your rule is minimum profit margin 50% the price change will never go under 50% profit margin.

Why you should know your competitors price?

Knowing your competitors price is valuable information, if you sell the same product but your competitor sells it much cheaper than you, customers will rather go to the competitor instead. Try to remain at the same price or slightly less, every penny counts


What is MAP & MRP?

MAP: Minimum Advertised Price is the lowest price a retailer can show online or in a advertisement.

MRP: Maximum retail price is the highest price you can sell a product at.

Can I cancel at anytime?

Yes you can cancel at anytime. 

Can I upload more than 1 competitor?

Yes, depending on the packages you choose you can add up to 5 competitors, if you need more you can add more for $9.95

Is the mrp and map automatically set?

No, you have to upload an excel sheet with MAP & MRP prices, this information will be given to you by the suppliers/manufactures

Can I request custom changes?
Yes you can, this app is designed to help you, so custom changes are 100% available.

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