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Control your price and beat competitors!

The easiest way to stay ahead in pricing, stay on top of your competitors’ prices! Increase sales & profit margins.

App Features

Save hours of time and money managing prices manually! Automatically increase pricing if competitors are significantly higher or decrease the price if competitors prices are lowe

Track & Monitor Competitor’s Price

Keep an eye on your competitor! Track & Monitor up to 5 competitors’ prices; if your competitor’s price increase or decreases, we will notify you, and the price will change automatically!

Calculate your selling price vs. your competitor’s pricing

The calculator will help you find out how much your competitors are selling for and what it would cost to sell at their price. Competitor’s price does it all, once you download the Competitor’s Price app, add in all your information, and let the calculations begin. Your Selling Price will be evaluated, vs your competitors’s selling prices.

Makes sure your pricing is always higher than your cost price.

Never fear that you will sell at a loss; Competitor’s price app ensures your selling price is always higher than your cost price. Please enter the correct information in the database, and update your cost prices whenever it increases.


Stay compliant with your suppliers by adding MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) & MRP(Maximum retail price) Enter the information in our database, and you are guaranteed compliance.

Automatic net price change

You need to set up the rules, and the competitor’s price app will automatically adjust your net prices.

Automatic price updates to your store

Price updates are a long process if you have to do it manually. The competitor price app will update your prices automatically. If your competitors are climbing the stairs you will be there right there with them!

Automatic competitor price monitoring.

Staying ahead of your competition just got easy!The competitor price app will automatically monitor your competitor’s pricing, so you don’t have to.

Competitor’s price display

This amazing feature, displays your competitor’s price on your website, only if your competitor’s price is higher than yours.  Your customers will look no further as they can already see that you have the best price.

Monitor unlimited amount of products.

Sounds great right? There are no limits to the number of products, the competitor’s price app keeps track of.

Update competitors pricing daily

Price changes are a daily occurrence, and competitor price app ensures daily updates so you will never fall behind.

Optimized pricing

Increase your profits. Automatically increase your pricing if your competitor’s prices are higher than your prices.

This is why you need this App!


Shoppers Compare Prices

E-commerce stores world wide


Sales Increase using competitor pricing app

App Screens

Great app features, save time and money get this app today! Start increasing sales & profits, always have the upper hand stay ahead of your competitor!

Get started on the app today!

5 Easy steps and you are ready to go!


Download the app


Add your Competitors


Add MAP or MRP


Setup Rules


Sit Back & Relax

Our Customers Says

Meet just a few customers who have been with us from the start.

I love the fact that my competitor’s price appears on my website. I feel that this makes a huge difference

Great app, I am working and have an online business on the side, and this app helps me a lot, I feel great knowing My prices will always be better than my competitors, also my sales is starting to increase.

Very easy to use app, like the fact that I can add in my own rules, and definitely the best part is your competitor price showing on your website.

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